Enable Keyword Search on Sage CRM Find screen

By | October 15, 2013

Keyword search allows users to search for keywords across all primary entities. Keyword search box is available on Find screen of all primary entities.
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KeywordSearchHave you ever seen Keyword search box is not visible on any Find screens?KeywordSearch2
Basically keyword search depends on the Sage CRM indexer service which we understood after referring Jeff’s blog. Here is the link.
Here we observed that FullText.ix folder was missing from Sage CRM Library folder. Hence we followed 3rd approach mentioned. Here we also observed after running the same, we encountered the below warning message on Find screen. However Keyword search box was enabled again.
Message indicates that re-indexing process is currently in progress. Keyword search won’t be functioning until message is displayed on the screen.
By following above steps one can easily enable keyword search box again on the Find screen.
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