How do you find the Workflow Action Buttons from custom content?

By | April 20, 2009

Let’s say that there is a workflow action button named “samplewkflbtn” on your screen and you want to track the same for attaching your custom URL or some other purpose. You may follow the below given steps to achieve the same.

1. Find the “Table” element by getElementById method.

var a=document.getElementsByTagName(“Table”);

2. Loop through all the records above using length property.

3. In each run of the loop find the anchor tag “A” element and loop through the records of the same.

4. Class name for the workflow buttons is “WFBUTTON”. Then in each run of the anchor tag loop above you may find an element with the classname “WFBUTTON” and innertext as “samplewkflbtn” using className and innerText properties of the JavaScript.

After this you can change the link of button by forcing href property of the same to redirect to your custom url