Hyperlink a custom entity field on entry block????

By | May 26, 2009

Is it possible to provide the hyperlink on the Custom Entity SSA field to display the Custom Entity Summary screen???

Scenario: Let’s consider the scenario as follows:

Suppose you have a Custom Entity named Jobs which you have set up and working fine. Now consider that there is a Search Select Advance field in the Company Table which is looking at jobs say comp_jobid. Suppose comp_jobid field is displayed on the Company Summary Screen and now we want to have it appear as a hyperlink to the corresponding Job Summary Screen. It is working fine on the Web Picker for Company and Person fields which is not the case of custom entity.


Actually, it is not a default feature provided with Custom Entity SSA field to hyperlink to its summary page. But this can be achieved through some simple customization work. What we need to do is just write a client side script to fetch the SSA field value and engross it in between hyperlink tags and provide a source of this link to its summary page using the Id value.

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