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Phone and Email Structure Changed in Sage CRM7.1

In the Sage CRM version we found that Sage has done away with the Pers_PhoneCountryCode, Pers_PhoneAreaCode and Pers_PhoneNumber fields for phone and Pers_FaxCountryCode, Pers_FaxAreaCode and Pers_FaxNumber for fax numbers which were part of the person table. Likewise, the pers_emailaddress field has been excluded from the person table. Now this data would be stored in Phone… Read More »

Hyperlink a custom entity field on entry block????

Is it possible to provide the hyperlink on the Custom Entity SSA field to display the Custom Entity Summary screen??? Scenario: Let’s consider the scenario as follows: Suppose you have a Custom Entity named Jobs which you have set up and working fine. Now consider that there is a Search Select Advance field in the… Read More »