Filtering Search Select Advance Field at runtime..

By | June 6, 2009

As we all know that we can filter the selection field based on some criteria by writing the script for the same on client side coding, but have you ever tried filtering the Search Select Advance field based on the value in the selection field????

For example, suppose you have a selection field named “test_selection”, and a SSA field named “test_MainEId” which is associated with custom entity say ‘MainEntity’. The MainEntity table contains fields as “main_MainEId” and “main_testselection“.

Now here, is it possible to filter the test_MainEId on the basis of value selected in the field test_selection ????

Well, this is a quite doable task. In order to do this filtration, you may need to do some customization at client side. After loading the screen in the CRM and all the default values get set, you can set the Search SQL for the SSA field which will be fired based on the selected value from selection field.

After performing the above action it is very important that you must also handle the URL for the Search Select Advance field and also the function which opens the popup window.

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