Change Display field for Search Select Advance field.

By | May 18, 2009

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As per the standard SageCRM functionality we can change the view field in Drop Down list of Search Select Advance field.

It is also possible to change the Value field also which gets displayed once you select any record from List of Search Select Advance.

For Example: If you have a SSA field for Company field then by default Company name gets displayed once you select any value from SSA drop down list. Now suppose you have a custom field called “Company ID” and you are willing to display this value instead of company Name.

To do this you can follow the below given simple steps.

1. Go to Administration.
2. Select Customization.
3. Select Translation.
4. Fill “SS” in caption family.
5. Fill Entity Name i.e. “Company” in caption Code
6. Click on Find Button.
7. Select SS_ViewFields field and change the value Comp_Name with field name which you are willing to display.
8. Click on Save.
9. Do the Metadata Refresh.
And it is Done……