Global Company Library Customization in Sage CRM

By | June 19, 2009

Documents functionality provided by Sage CRM allows you to store all your documents against all the standard entities like Company, Person, Case, Opportunity etc. You know that you can go to the documents tab against particular entity record and attach the new document as per your requirement.

Now suppose, that the requirement is to attach the single document with several entity records at the same time then it is often a cumbersome act to go by above given method. Then, here is our solution named Global Company Library Update if you want to have this functionality. Right now this works with the Company entity and it can be molded according the requirement for other entities.

The functioning of the component is as follows

The basic approach is to have the user first upload the document into the Global Documents section of CRM. We will add a new button called Global Company Library Update under the main menu, please refer the below screen shot.

On Clicking of this button a Custom ASP Page will run that allows the user to select companies, select the document and run the update, please refer the below screen shot.

This is the Global Library Update Screen; here user can provide the required information to upload Library files.

After providing the required information, user will need to click on the Run button to start the update process. The update process will basically copy the global document into each of the selected companies library folder and add a record into the library table. Users can then access the document directly from the Documents tab of the desired company.

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