Library folder in Sage CRM

By | January 21, 2011
Everybody must be aware of the Sage CRM’s standard settings for documents uploaded for Company, Person, Cases, Opportunities and other entities. Have you ever thought how it is configured in Sage CRM and where the actual document is uploaded?

Well, in this blog, I will be explaining the details on how it is maintained in Sage CRM and what errors are getting due to wrong document configuration settings.

For proper document uploading in Sage CRM, the most important thing is that whether the path set in the following fields are correct or not.
A. Physical root directory for mail merged documents.
B. Default document templates location for mail merge.
C. HTTP alias for Physical Root Directory for mail merged documents.

These fields can be easily found by navigating to Administration à Email and Documents and selecting Documents and Reports configuration option under Documents header.

If the paths in these fields are wrong then you can set the same by clicking on Change button.

Well, when the Document is created against any of the entity then the same document is uploaded in the library folder.
Eg. If you are uploading the document against a company named Test Company, then the folder named Test Company is created under the Library folder (C:/Program Files/Sage/CRM//Library)) and the document is uploaded in that folder.

However if the path in the above highlighted field is wrong then the Sage CRM gives an error message as shown below.

One more thing, if you creating Library record for any entity using some utility/Workflow then make sure that folder name which will be creating inside Library folder is trimmed. (i.e. Front space and Back space which sometimes exist with your folder, must be removed before using in your code to avoid screen/page crashing)

Eg. If you are creating library record for Company then company name must be trimmed.

Sometimes, even though if you have handled all the above mentioned scenarios and you are creating library record, the screen/page results in an error as Unexpected event has occurred. Well, this can be resolved by providing the IUSER rights to the library folder.

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