Add new fields to Summary report

By | June 21, 2009

You must be familier that we can generate the Summary Reports from the summary screens of standard Sage CRM entities. Lets consider for an example Opportunity Summary Report.You can generate this report by clicking Summary Report button provided on Opportunity Summary screen. Now, suppose you want to have one more field inside this report say for example City value of Address.

If you will observe carefully, you can find that the view that is responsible to generate this report is vSearchListOpportunity view under opportunity entity. OpportunityReportSummary screen makes use of this view to display values in the report. You can modify this view to add the new fields of your choice.

Well, your job is yet not done. After following the above given steps,if you will try generating the Summary report you will get an error like field not found, because there is another view getting affected and that is vReportOpportunity. We just need to add the above mentioned field to this view also and you can see your field on the report by adding it to the above mentioned screen.

Well, there are also two lists on this report that are Communications and Opportunity Tacking. You can customize them from Administration –> Customization –> Opportunity –> Summary Report tab.

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