Open Cases Summary Report to Managers.

By | July 26, 2016

In Sage CRM, a case entity is mostly used as a Customer service issue. We can capture a customer query in Sage CRM, and track the progress of the problem through to a Solution and closure.
Cases may be assigned as High, Normal or Low priority in Sage CRM. They have a status as ‘In Progress’ and ‘Closed’. Every Organization has its own workflow or business process which takes place to move the case to its outcome.
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A Customer case which is on high priority and has not been resolved on time will lead to Customer dissatisfaction. It helps to notify and escalate an issue to superior if not responded as per TAT.
Sage CRM includes many system reports which allows us to gain insights into how business is doing and can be improved.
Now in this blog we are going to discuss about the custom application which we have developed to send email notifications. We have designed a tool which manages to notify Managers or Admin Users of Open Cases list in an email once in a week so that they can investigate why Case has been not resolved on time and help improve business and calculate the response time of an individual.
This tool is designed using Sage CRM standard Web Service API and standard email settings SMTP configurations configured within Sage CRM application.
Below are the detailed steps we followed,
1) Created an external application using standard Web Service API which reads Open Cases data and creates a dynamic list.
2) Email content and subject line is configured within Sage CRM.
3) Application uses internal SMTP configuration for sending email.
4) Application is scheduled in Windows task scheduler to notify Open Cases list on timely basis.
As an example refer below screenshot of the email that was received by Manager with Case details.
The email content added in the above screenshot is just a basic content; we can modify the content and subject line as per the requirement.
This tool is designed in such a way that it can be configured in windows task scheduler for execution. We can set the time as per our requirement to schedule the email process. It can be set daily, weekly, monthly or yearly to execute email notification as per need.
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