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By | July 18, 2009

Consider a scenario when there is a relation between 3 fields like Company, person and opportunity.

Now in SageCRM, we need to display the values in that dropdown fields. There can be 2ways to achieve this:

1. By using SSA field of standard CRM functionality.
2. By using selection list and fill it run time using server side + client side script.

The disadvantage of using second option would be time to fill dropdown would be too much when the values in those fields would be greater than 100. So the best option would be to use SSA field in such case to slow down speed.

Steps to maintain structure in CRM/SQL tables:
1. In order to display values in the above SSA field, create a custom entity and feed the values in that custom entity.
2. For displaying values in view mode make an entry in custom captions so that you can see caption in view mode instead of code.
3. Maintain the field name structure in CRM as shown below:

Entity Name: Company
Field Name: comp_companyid,comp_name

Entity Name: Person
Field Name: Pers_personid,pers_companyid,pers_name

Entity Name: Opportunity
Field Name: Oppo_opportunityid,oppo_companyid,oppo_personid

After creating entities you can make an entry in translation in order to display values in SSA field from custom entity.

By following the above mentioned procedure you can display values in company, person and opportunity by selecting value from company field then their corresponding person and opportunity would be displayed.
Screen Shot:

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