SMS Solutions for Sage CRM

By | August 31, 2009

Worried about the proper marketing for your policies or product/Services? Just leave it to your Sage CRM system, get the small SMS Add-on from Greytrix and your CRM will manage your marketing activities along with your day to day activities such as sending the reminder to a your client or a Birthday greet to your friend.

With the Greytrix SMS Solution for Sage CRM you can send/Schedule the SMS as simple as you set a follow up or schedule a meeting using Sage CRM. Greytrix SMS solution customizes your Sage CRM so that you can create a communication of type “SMS” and with no other process needs to be done just you need to save the communication and the SMS is gone to the persons mobile number to which the communication(SMS) belongs. Please refer to the below screenshot for clarification.

Such as other Greytrix utilities this SMS Add-on also provides you great flexibility of customization as per the client requirement. All in all a very economical and a great solution to promote your business and boom your brand name. The SMS Add-on provides the following features.

Current Features:

1. Easy to install with minimum system requirement.
2. Sending SMS through Sage CRM from the communication target list
3. Ability to handle multiple SMS account in Same Sage CRM system so that the user has a freedom to send the SMS from the particular account.
4. Scheduling the SMS from the windows scheduler
5. Proper responses of SMS delivery to the customer.
6. Can send a single or a bulk SMS.
7. Customizable as per the client requirement.

Up Coming Features:

1. Receiving the SMS for the logged in user account into the Sage CRM
2. SMS filing as a communication.
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