Display additional information below SSA field

By | August 27, 2009

As we all know that SSA field is one of its own type, very effiecient functionality provided by Sage CRM in order to display various field values for Sage CRM entities, displaying more information alongwith it can mark four stars more on its functionality.

For example: SageCRM by default shows the person business number below the SSA field.

Some time ago we did a customization something similar to this one in which we displayed Person mobile number as well alongwith the Business phone number. Just a piece of script written in ASP and JavaScript can make this functionality realy helpful for reviewing relevant details in one look.

There may be two situations where the user selects the values from person SSA field.

a. Either from person context where you can easily get person id.

The process to do the same is as follows:-

1. By using person id in the create script of the any field you can fetch any values from person entity.
2. After fetching the value in the create script you can assign that value to some hidden field by using some server side script e.g. by assigning value to hidden field which will be created in the create script of any field.
3. From the hidden field you can easily append that content below the person no by using JavaScript script.

b. Not in person context where you can get value from the person SSA field.

The process to do the same is as follows:

1. By using person id you can call one asp page using “IFRAME” and pass the person id to asp page which will be hidden and you can write an asp script to do the same.
2. You can create an “IFRAME” by using screen custom content.

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