Migrate Saleforce Task to Sage CRM Communication

By | March 1, 2017

Today we are continuing our blog series on GUMU Migration services. All the firms keep track of all its activities. In this blog, we shall discuss about migrating Task from Salesforce to Communication of Sage CRM. In our previous blog, we discuss about:
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GUMU™ is a wizard type utility that converts Salesforce Data into Sage CRM. Task records from Salesforce are migrated to Communication of Sage CRM. To understand this in better way, refer the below screenshots.
Salesforce Task Details:
Sage CRM Communication Details:
Below are the standard field mapping of Salesforce Task which are migrated to Communication of Sage CRM. If you want to bring over any custom field/entities into Sage CRM we can do that also, for this you just need to send us the field mapping sheets i.e. which Salesforce custom field is to be migrated in field of Sage CRM and also this custom fields must be created by you in Salesforce and Sage CRM.
Salesforce – Sage CRM Standard Field Mappings:
In our next blog, we shall explore other CRM entity’s migration details.
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