Merge Opportunity

By | September 15, 2009

Do you have duplicate Opportunities in SageCRM and now do you want to resolve this data quandary?

You might have used Merge Company or Merge Person functionality which is available with standard SageCRM.

We can provide the same functionality with Opportunity where we can merge one opportunity with another. This target opportunity will be from same Company, Same Person or from anywhere from SageCRM as per the user preference (We will code the merging functionality as per the criterion mentioned by user).

The appearance of this additional functionality will somewhat like as mentioned below:

• We will provide a new button on Opportunity Summary Screen called “Merge Opportunity”.

• Clicking on this button will open a Pop Up screen where user need to select the Source Opportunity and once selected, click on Mere button.

• Once clicked on Merge button, all the Orders, quotes, Communications from Source Opportunity will get transferred (Merged) to target (currently open) opportunity.

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