One Click Notification to CRM users from System Administrator

By | September 16, 2009

With reference to the blog written by Jeff

We would like to suggest one more workaround where we need not to create an extra entity but we can use the existing communication entity only

Suppose a system administrator wants to pass a message to single user or to group of users in SageCRM; What he will do?

With current scenario in SageCRM; he will create a task and select all the users as a recipients and will save it. So next time when these users will log in to the system they can see this notification on screen. Isn’t it a bit time consuming?

We can reduce this time required to create a task and save it.

We will provide a panel on My CRM where on screen there will be a User Select field and multiline text field.

System administrator need to enter message details in text box and select the list of users. Once he click on Save button; Next time when selected users will login to the CRM, Notifications message will display on the screen. Quick Notifications which will save the Admin’s time..

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