Deduplication of SageCRM Opportunity

By | August 14, 2009
Sage CRM provides the de-duplication functionality only for the Company and Person Entities. You can enable the same by selecting the value as Yes in the de-duplication field which is available under the System Behavior in the Administration area. The de-duplication screens and the match rules can be customized by your System Administrator. Checking for duplicates then automatically becomes part of the process for adding a new company or person into the system.
Now, Greytrix provides you with a customization with which you can de-duplicate opportunity records in SageCRM. Here is what was done to achieve this.
1. A custom de-dupe screen under opportunity entity was created and fields (on which you want to perform the opportunity de-duplication) were placed on this screen.
2. Developed a custom ASP page and used the screen (i.e. built for opportunity de-dupes). We also made a grid under opportunity entity which would be used for displaying the de-dupe results.
3. After entering the details in the fields which are available on the screen, user clicks on the Enter Details button. A new search criterion was built as per the data entered in the search criteria and the existing records were searched. If the information matches current opportunity records in the system (according to the search criteria defined by you in ASP page), a list of detected duplicates would be displayed.
4. Now we to perform the operation same as which is performed for standard company and person de-duplication. For example, you will need to add the button Back to Opportunity Entry and Ignore Warning and Enter Opportunity.
When user will click on the Back to Opportunity Entry button, it redirects you to the Opportunity duplicate find page. If user wants to proceed to add a new opportunity anyway, he/she will click on the Ignore Warning and Enter Opportunity. Here new opportunity page would be displayed including the details entered on the Opportunity de-dupe screen.
6. If no matches found then simply new Opportunity page would be displayed where user can enter the details for creating a new opportunity in system.
7. At last you will need to call this ASP page from New Opportunity Main Menu button.
So new opportunities are always welcomed but we just need to make sure that it not entered twice because as they say, Opportunity never knocks twice 🙂

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