Unspecified Errors on Find functionality

By | October 21, 2009

Did you ever come across a situation like, go for find Case/Communication in CRM –> Filled up filter criterion –> Click on Find –> and after some time it crashes and say, ‘Unspecified Error’?

If yes, then here is what you must have a look at:

1. Check whether the proper indexes are created in the database for that particular table or not? If not then you should go for recommended indexes which will improve the performance of the system. You can make use of Index tuning wizard that comes with standard installation of SQL server for this purpose to fine tune your indexes.

2. Another cause of this may be an exceeded row size.

Sometimes, if CRM is highly customized and contains lots of fields in most of the CRM entities (like Case, Communication, and Custom Entity etc), CRM always fires Unspecified Error while inserting and updating records (since deadlock i.e. previous process of finding is still running in SQL and the next insert/update query is waiting for first one to complete). So in order to avoid this problem what you can do is; reduce the field size and remove the unwanted columns that are added into the corresponding view.
Most of the standard views refer to the fields using the * reference. Instead of this we can make use of only those fields which are required and try avoiding * reference in order to improve query performance.

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