“Quick Find” Functionality in SAGE CRM 2018 R1

By | January 6, 2018

Hi Friends..!! We are much familiar with finding mechanism for entity records such as keyword search, Advanced Find, etc. in SAGE CRM. Using these, we can perform a search for particular entity only. Now we can search the connected data across all entities at once by using single keyword. The New Release, SAGE CRM 2018 R1 introduced with “Find All in One” functionality i.e. Quick Find.

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In SAGE CRM, one entity can have relationship with other entities, for e.g. An Opportunity is mainly linked with Quotes and Orders. In earlier version of CRM, when a user wanted to search any record; it has to be done through the Find screen of respective entity only. Now, one can search the data related to more than one entity by using Quick Find.

We can also configure the entities that we want to search for  by following below steps.

1. Go to Administration -> System -> Quick Find
2. Click on “Change” and set the entities to be indexed as shown in below screenshot. In this, the benefit is you will select the entities as per your requirement to search the records.

3. After making this change, you will be able to find the records for all entities using single relative keyword at once. See the below screenshot.

Quick find retrieved the Records i.e. Quote, Order, Communication related to “Test Opportunity” key term. In short, a search for “Test Opportunity” returns all records containing “Test + Opportunity” in any text or other fields. This feature is very useful to retrieve the information quickly.