Interactive Dashboard Error on SageCRM 7.0

By | July 30, 2010

The Dashboard has experienced a problem. Please contact your system administrator” or “Dashboard for SageCRM is running very slow”.

An error like “The Dashboard has experienced a problem. Please contact your system administrator” encountered as soon as you login to CRM OR dramatic Performance issues with SageCRM Dashboard running very slow.

Demo Laptop with 3 GB RAM Window 7.0, IE 8.0, Sage CRM 7.0 SP1 Installations

I will not be trying to give reasons as how to solve the above issues but in a couple of cases on my laptop my problem was solved using the below two trial and error methods.

Trial 1: Resetting of TomCat Server:
Dashboard of Sage CRM 7.0 is running on Tomcat instead of IIS. A resetting of Tomcat server helps this error go away sometimes. Go to Administrative Tools -> Services -> Apache Tomcat CRMTomcat6 and reset this service. This may help in clearing up the problem and start off on your demo.

Trial 2: Resetting Internet Explorer default settings:
To do the same, follow the below mentioned instructions.
1) Start Internet Explorer.
2) From Menu Bar select Tools –> Options –> Advanced –> Reset Internet Explorer settings and make it  default.

After following above mentioned steps, Dashboard speed increased tremendously as well as the error disappeared. I am not sure what kind of security setting is there in my intranet network which makes my Internet Explorer on dashboard go extremely slow even after unplugging from the network. Restoring the default Internet Explorer setting made, my application run at lightning speed. A reason for this maybe some “Add-ons” like Skype or maybe some security settings within your intranet by your system administrator.

Trial 3: Change of port problem:
It could be Change of port problem too. Initially, my service was not running on port 80 and I asked my network guys to change it to port 81 and it started working.

I have not tried to R n D on reasons for the above behaviour as I am more concerned as of now to avoid the embarrassment of my “Interactive Dashboard” the best sales tool available not working while I am showing a demo to a prospect!

Hope this helps!

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