Training videos on Interactive Dashboard

By | September 24, 2013

Hi Guys, you all know that the default Interactive Dashboard has a separate section to watch the videos and help you get started with using Sage CRM.


We have CRM setup in our organization for Project and Timesheet management so it becomes very difficult and time consuming process to train the new joinees on how to use it. Hence the training team came up with great idea to integrate Training videos on the standard Welcome Dashboard. Upload the videos to our local portal and linked it on the Dashboard so that everybody can access.


Clicking on the strip opens the Videos category.


It was fairly simple and easy to add the video strip. You have to go to below path and open file named “video_admin.html”.
 <CRM installation folder>\WWWRoot\StaticContent\US\WelcomeDashboard\
 Added below mentioned lines of code before More.. section.
 < dt >Greytrix< /dt >
< dd >
< h2 >Browse More Videos on< /h2 >
< a href=”” target=”_new” > < img src=”images/browse2.png” alt=”Browse our online video library”  /> < /a >
<  /dd  >
 Isn’t it a great way to share the files? You can also convert your videos to swf format and add them as local resources in dashboards which I will explain in upcoming topics.