Re-Organization Charts

By | August 11, 2010
The relationship tab in SageCRM is another way to portray relation or linking between various entities. The relationship tab allows the user to select a child or a sibling to the parent i.e. the entity under which the relationship is created.
But what is missing is a feature to add a sibling to the child. We can develop a custom page and use Organization Chart graphic and display the information. As you know, the Organizational Charting Block, or ‘Org Chart’, can be used to create a relationship diagram through ASP.  Organizational charts can be customized in terms of appearance and the data they represent. They can also be hyperlinked—URLs can be specified through ASP to determine what should happen if a user clicks on a particular entry. This allows greater interaction with the user and provides useful links to whatever the various entries are representing.  This will certainly meet our requirements but the hitch is that OrgChart lay out all its child entities horizontally. Hence in a scenario where there are, say 7 to 8 children for a parent entity then OrgChart tree really spreads across the browser page and in most cases goes beyond the page. The user then has to use the scroll bar which is not a good thing.
We have provided the user with an option where the user is able to add a company or a person as a sibling to the child node in the relationship and mostly importantly lay the nodes in a vertical fashion thus making optimum use of the screen space. Here is a screenshot for your reference.