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Sage CRM .Net API Check Points

In my past blog posts, I had mainly concentrated on the data security and management. I this post I will talk more about code base security. In day to day life the code security is most important task of management. Sage CRM has incorporated code base security by using .Net API. From Sage CRM 6.1… Read More »

Re-Organization Charts

The relationship tab in SageCRM is another way to portray relation or linking between various entities. The relationship tab allows the user to select a child or a sibling to the parent i.e. the entity under which the relationship is created. But what is missing is a feature to add a sibling to the child.… Read More »

Error exporting reports to excel in CRM

As per the standard sage CRM functionality, we can export reports to excel file. Sometimes we get errors while doing so. One of the most commonly occurring errors is that we are not able to see an Excel radio box option while exporting report. Most probably this occurs when excel is not installed on CRM… Read More »

Edit multiple records on single page.

This is in reference to the below article on sage crm development partners blog site. http://dpp.sagecrm.com/blogs/hints_tips_and_tricks/archive/2007/11/19/creating-a-multiple-person-record-entry-screen-using-the-asp-com-api.aspx The above article displays a very good example regarding how to execute the multiple records on a single page, but consider if there are more than 5 records in person table as shown in the example what will happen… Read More »

NEWSLETTER tab in Self Service

NEWSLETTER is something that is very often distributed by various Organizations for publication of particular topic of interest. It is becoming one of the very important tasks being followed to meet the various marketing strategies nowadays. Considering this, Sage CRM has also provided this functionality in the Self Service Support Site. When we open the… Read More »

Copy a WorkFlow in SageCRM

SageCRM provides a fabulous tool called workflow with almost all the primary entities. Using workflow we can define the actual business logic with each entity record in SageCRM. Creating a workflow is a bit time consuming task because in a workflow we have to create each and every stage of a business process and at… Read More »

Deduplication of SageCRM Opportunity

Sage CRM provides the de-duplication functionality only for the Company and Person Entities. You can enable the same by selecting the value as Yes in the de-duplication field which is available under the System Behavior in the Administration area. The de-duplication screens and the match rules can be customized by your System Administrator. Checking for… Read More »

Threaded Communication View in CRM Self Service

We had already posted how this functionality will work from within CRM. Please follow the link below to refer the post. http://sagecrmaddons.blogspot.com/2009/07/threaded-communication-view.html Now it’s also possible to have this functionality in CRM Self Service web site. Self service users that are assigned the rights to access Self service website from CRM can login to the… Read More »