Communication Attachments in Self Service

By | August 30, 2010

In day-to-day life maintaining documentation for everything is quite a cumbersome task. Sage CRM has endowed with a nice tool to upload/download an attachment for main entities like Company, Person, Cases, Opportunities, and Communications etc. CRM user can attach issue or new prospect related documentations within CRM, but have you ever thought of making available these documents to Self Service users.

As per standard, Sage CRM Self Service portal allows user to add communications as Diary or cases using:

1. Report a Problem (log a new case)
2. News Letters
3. Add Diary i.e. Communication
4. View Communication

There is no way to upload/download attachments for cases/communications
So Greytrix has implemented an Out Of Box solution which allows user to attach documents through Self Service portal.

We have provided a tab against communication named “Attachments” which lists out all the documents with download option.

Attachments with Download option

We can implement this feature for Cases also in Self Service. Hope you would definitely like to have this enhanced functionality!

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