On TOP of the List

By | September 2, 2010

Just finished reading an article on “Super Wheels” on the internet. The cars pictured on the article look awesome. All through the article there was a shiny pictures of cars and then how fast it could go, the other technical specifications etc. I did not bother to read the cost as it looked to be printing mistake. There seem to be at least 2 extra zeros  . But I just thought that once the driver is behind the wheel, quick access to key information is absolutely vital and this information is provided by the controls on dashboard. Now being on the software industry all my professional life I could not help but relate it to the various software systems and I found the same requirement applicable to any software system as well – a good comprehensive dashboard which will give an user access to key information at a single glance.

Since this is SageCRM blog, let’s talk in that context. In SageCRM, we do have a wonderful dashboard and with the advent of SageCRM 7.0 this feature has only improved by leaps and bounds. But this is for those who are yet to make this jump and are very satisfied with the older version of SageCRM. In the dashboard for these system we can have the list of opportunities listed to a particular team or a particular user or list the opportunities of a particular type or stage. How about showing the top 10 opportunities in the system overall or in a particular stage or status. Sounds good, isn’t it.

opportunities in the system

Greytrix has designed a screen to be used as a dashboard which shows this information. This screen allows the user to filter as per any field on that entity. The most important feature of this customizations is that you as a sales manager will be able to focus only on those top opportunities that you need put an extra effort and push towards the closing stage. What’s more, the screen and the filter grid are configurable and you can put any numbers of fields in the list or the filter.

And lastly, it does not have as many zeros in the cost as the car!

Happy driving ..

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