Upload document without creating communication

By | September 8, 2010

Uploading the requirement and concepts documents for our prospect companies in CRM is something that we do very often. Sometimes the documents count for some of the companies go above 100 considering the multiple opportunities we discuss with them. Well the hitch in this operation is the Create Communication checkbox on new document screen as displayed below.

This checkbox comes checked by default and when user saves the details the communication is created for this upload. I didn’t want the communications to be created for document uploads as it may lead to increasing burden on my already over flown communication table with To do’s, Reminders etc. Well, unchecking this checkbox before saving details might not be that great task, but users keep on forgetting to uncheck it.

Well, spent some 10-15 minutes to work this out and removed the checkbox itself from the screen :-). Unchecking the checkbox before removing through script is also required as if it comes checked by default no matter it is hidden or displayed. Here is the function used in client side script to the same.


//Call this function on onload event of screen
function RemoveCreateCommBtn()
  var objtbl = document.getElementsByTagName(“TABLE”)
  for(i=0;i< objtbl.length;i++)
     var clsname = new String(objtbl[i].className);
        objtbl[i].innerText = “”;

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