Remove Phone E-mail panel from new company entry screen

By | September 9, 2010

Very strange for CRM functionality, but for one of our clients we came across the requirement where the Phone and E-mail panels on Company entry screen were required to be removed. They have a process implemented wherein they enter these details afterwards from within Company tab group.

This is quite tricky functionality to be achieved, but only thing we could find to identify the block on screen is the one row gap between screens. Below given is the JavaScript function that you can call on on-load script of Company entry screen to remove the Phone and E-mail panels.


function RemovePhoneEmailPanels()
      var objtbl = document.getElementsByTagName(“TD”)
      for(i=0;i< objtbl.length;i++)
            var clsname = new String(objtbl[i].className);
                nxtinhtml = new String(objtbl[i+1].innerHTML)
                if(“E-mail”) >=0)
               objtbl[i+1].innerHTML = “”;

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