Enabling Secondary Entities for Escalation

By | September 27, 2010
Sage CRM has provided wonderful features to automate tasks like sending mails or notifications etc using Escalation. We can send automated emails through implementing business rules using escalation service in SageCRM.
Have you ever been thought about sending automated emails or setting escalation rules for secondary entities in CRM? Recently I had come up with the requirement of sending an email based on Products table. This client was trying to replicate the inventory module of an accounting package and wanted emails to be sent to concerned person when the quantity on hand of a product reduces to a certain number.
But as we know in the list of escalation tables, The NewProduct table is not available. So I was investigating that if I can enable escalations for CRM’s secondary entities like Wave and WaveItem then why not for other secondary entities. There is bound to be certain setting at table level through which I can enable the escalations for secondary entities.
After doing some analysis I got the way to display the NewProduct table in the escalation table list. I found that in the Custom_Tables table there is field named as bord_workflowidfield. This field should have proper value in order to make available escalation for the same.
update custom_tables set bord_workflowidfield=’Prod_Workflowid’
where bord_name=’NewProduct’

Here I have set the workflow id for NewProduct table record as Prod_Workflowid. Did the IISRESET and I was able to enable the NewProduct table for escalation. Ahoy! let the new stock come in.

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