Enabling entities for web service access

By | August 9, 2012

Standard CRM web service allows CRM to communicate with external applications. In client application all we need to do is to accesses the WSDL URL of service and prepare and send the request. The web services then processes the request and sends the response back to the client. These request response samples can be found in Web service section of the Developer guide.
Standard WSDL can be browsed by using below URL.
Trying to access this URL only opens up methods for the entities that are available for web service access. While creating entities through wizard or tables through CRM we get an option to enable the web service, but what if you want to do it afterwards? Below mentioned simple steps will get you the task done.
1. Refer the below query to find out entity settings.
select * from Custom_Tables (nolock) where Bord_Caption =’< Entity Name >‘
2. First update the bord_WebServiceTable=’NULL’ for all entities. Then update the required entity to ‘Y’
Refer the below query to set “Y” value
update Custom_Tables set bord_WebServiceTable=’Y’ where Bord_Caption =’< Entity Name>
3. Run the IISRESET command
Once this is done Update the web service references in your client application code and you will be able to find your entity listed for using its methods.