Configure the Library for Secondary entities in CRM

By | February 15, 2013

Documents tab is available against most of the Sage CRM entities in order to upload the documents. If we want to have the similar feature for Custom entities we have to keep in mind to check Has Documents checkbox while generating Custom entity from the wizard. What if you forgot to check the box and now want documents feature? Here is what you need to do.

  1. Login to SQL Server
  2. Select CRM Database
  3. Click on the New Query button
  4. Please refer the below given SQL Query for your reference.

     Select Bord_HasLibrary,Bord_HasCommunication from Custom_tables where Bord_Caption='< Entity Name >’
Update Custom_tables set Bord_HasLibrary=’Y’,Bord_HasCommunication=’Y’ where Bord_Caption='< Entity Name >’
After following above steps you can create dummy entity in another CRM with Has Documents checked and refer the source of Library page to build the one for your entity mentioned above.