Custom Editable Bulk Entry with New Entry on Tab Click

By | November 24, 2010

In my earlier post:

I had mentioned that we have a tool that can add Multiple Line Items entry on Single Button Click.

This tool provides an interface which includes an editable grid. Using this grid user is able to add the record data row-wise by using New Entry button and can save the same on one click only.

Now I realized that how it would be easy and interesting if we can make it much more automated and less clickable.

We have enhanced this functionality so that user can add a new entry row on a TAB click of the last row’s last column. The user does not have to click on Save and then New to add a new item in the grid. You can do all the entries and then save them all at one go.

Here, using Delete button user can delete bulk saved records.

Hope everyone who is working on data entry would like to work with this enhanced, speedy and effective functionality.

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