Integrating DYMO Label printers with CRM

By | December 10, 2010
Writing down the Name and Address on front page of the letter or envelop and sending it through mail has become an obsolete method nowadays. Now the world is so fast that there is no point in doing this manual work when the letter itself is being merged and generated automatically through several applications. This is why Label printers came into the picture and they are one of the most often used materials in today’s business world. Label printing has become one of the essential requirements of today’s business.
Consider the Electronics appliances and services industry for example. So many items being sent out to markets, each related to different distributor-retailer, many purchased by customers, many of them submitted for service, many of them even destroyed. How do we need to identify each item considering a unique factor?  For this purpose the labeling and tagging is very much important. Also the tagging and labeling makes delivery of goods quite an easy task.
Based on the type of business you are dealing in, you can find every type of Label printer and label standards in the market. DYMO printers are the most commonly used label printers for this purpose. It also provides the SDK to integrate with the several application programs. We came across one such requirement some days ago wherein we needed to integrate DYMO label printer with CRM. The purpose was to print the Shipping and File Folder Dymo standard labels from within Person and Company screens of CRM. The installation on the client side was like there were two different printers to print these two labels. The information needed to be displayed on the labels was the Company-Person information, customer number etc.
There is button on summary screen to print the labels clicking which opens the popup window to select the type of the label to be generated as shown below.

How easy it is now for me to go to Company summary and generate the Shipping as well as File Folder label on the fly! Well, this is what I call out of box.

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