Integrating the Sage Payment Gateway from Sage CRM

By | August 31, 2011
GUMU integration for MAS 90 – Sage CRM now capable enough to handle the payment methods of MAS in Sage CRM. With the new enhancement in GUMU for MAS90 – Sage CRM integration has now replicated the credit card payment functionalities from MAS90/200 through Sage CRM With the user friendly interface to make payments while creating a sales order in Sage CRM you can now select the payment type which is populated at run time from MAS. While promoting order it transfers all payment details along with other details to MAS90/200 so you are left with no manipulations in MAS to process the order. Below screenshot shows the real time sync from MAS into Sage CRM.

Key features:

• GUMU integration allows payment through credit card from Sage CRM and the Credit card details is authorized using Sage Payment gateway.

• It is secured way of payment as, all the Credit card information is loaded in Sage CRM from the MAS 90/200 on the real time basis while the creating Sales order from Sage CRM

• Credit card number is encrypted and shows only last 4 digits for the security purposes

Once a credit card is selected in CRM GUMU provide you with a button called “Authorize” button which when clicked will authorize the credit card information using the Sage payment gateway. After the credit card is authorized and the Authorization number is received we will populate a CRM field with that Authorization number. While promoting the Order into CRM all the information will be pushed into the MAS 90 system.

Although this is done with MAS 90/200 system we can replicate this behaviour with any other accounting or ERP package or even a standard installation of Sage CRM.

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