HTML Frameset tags in Custompages

By | June 29, 2011

Some days ago i came across the requirement where i needed to display three different sections of the details on the same page. Not that tricky when i design three different pages and put the m in iframes on main page. However Iframe is certainly not a preferable option as it is blocked by many browsers due to security reasons. Also i could not combine the information i wanted in sql views to build the blocks based on them. So i though why not give it a try to an old, but highly efficient technique to achieve this i.e. HTML Frameset tags.

Below is what i achieved through the concept.

Code used in custom asp page:


< html>
< frameset cols=”25%,*,25%” >
< %
var sFrame1URL = eWare.URL(“Frame1.asp”)
var sFrame2URL = eWare.URL(“Frame2.asp”)
var sFrame3URL = eWare.URL(“Frame3.asp”)
% >
< frame src=”< %=sFrame1URL% >”/ >
< frame src=”< %=sFrame2URL% >”/ >
< frame src=”< %=sFrame3URL% >”/ >
< /frameset >
< /html >

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