COM Class Factory Error in SalesLogix

By | June 27, 2011

I encountered the below error which reads Retrieving the COM class factory for component with CLSID {39CCFCA0-D8FA-4519-8E57-A05784EA84F3} failed due to the following error: 80040154.

The next thing I followed is to navigate to the CLSID in the registry editor under HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT section and searched the corresponding CLSID i.e. {39CCFCA0-D8FA-4519-8E57-A05784EA84F3} which is showing GroupTranslator Object in the data part. Here at this place I realized that the error has something to do with this .dll file. Registering the file solved my issue.

To unregister dll file you can follow the below steps.
1. Go to Start > Run.
2. Type REGSVR32 /u “C:Program FilesSalesLogixGroupTranslator.dll” (Note: Here as per your SalesLogix installation path you can change the path which is placed in the double quotes.)
3. You will get the confirmation message saying the dll is successfully unregistered.
4. Now to register it again just run the above command by removing /u.
i.e. REGSVR32 ” C:Program FilesSalesLogixGroupTranslator.dll“
5. Make sure that you run the IISRESET command again and redeploying the VFS files again.

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