Could not find UpdatePanel with ID

By | July 1, 2011
Everyone must be aware of Sage SalesLogix standard functionality of adding different tabs under main entities by adding the forms under smart parts section of that entity. Other properties that need to be set are “Target Workspace” property to TabControl and “Show In Mode” property to Detail. But what if you are setting all these settings correct in Application Architect and after deploying files getting the error “Could not find UpdatePanel with ID”.
Let me explain you the exact scenario. I have added the Account Widgets tab under account entity and set all of the above properties which are required to show tab. Now when I checked this after deployment of VFS on load of account detail page I’m getting the below error. “Could not find UpdatePanel with ID ‘ct00_TabControl_element_AccountWidgets_update_panel_AccountWidgets’. If it is being updated dynamically then it must be inside another UpdatePanel”.
I rechecked all the properties so that my tab will be visible under Account but with no luck. After a thorough search on the web I found that this issue occurs when the customization is affects the More Tabs. In SalesLogix, TabWorkspace XML file is generated for each entity under Virtual File System Explorer for each user and I had to go through the following instructions to get it right.
1. Go to Start and open Application Architect.
2. Click on View tab and select Virtual File System Explorer.
3. Expand the Configuration tab and select Application_User.
4. Expand SlxClient node and select the user for whose you are getting the error.
5. Select ASP.account_aspxDetail folder and open Tab Workspace XML file.
6. Now, you have to manually add the entries for missing tab under Main Tabs or More Tabs. Here, you just need to make sure that you are entering the proper name of the tab in the following manner.
7. Finally rebuild VFS files, deploy and check the same.

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