Greytrix releases new GUMU SageCRM integration with Sage Pro ERP

By | March 3, 2012

We are sure you must be aware that with the release of Sage CRM 7.1 Sage is no longer supporting the new Sage CRM 7.1 integration with Sage Pro ERP. Since we already had the experience with our Greytrix Web Order Entry for Sage Pro ERP we further enhanced it and have released integration for Sage Pro and Sage CRM 7.1 which is similar to the “Standard Integration” offered by Sage for earlier versions of Sage Pro and all this is real-time, bi-directional. Like our other SageCRM integrations we can always customize it to suite your specific business requirements.
We have two different flavors for our GUMU solution so you can pick the best one as per your business needs.
*** For Sage CRM Version 7.1 and above *** >> Download Trial
– Key Facts –
* Supports 64 bit / 2008 R2 architecture. Basically it will work in the environment Sage CRM and Sage Pro are working.
* Integration consumes only one Sage Pro license. So all Sage CRM users can create orders at the same time without consuming additional Sage Pro ERP Licenses.
1) GUMU™  Standard Integration:  This is similar to the one offered by Sage for CRM versions prior to v7.1. In our Standard Integration one can view/promote customers, AR Inquiry and Order Inquiry. Synchronize Customer Information from Sage CRM to Sage Pro and vice versa. It also allows you to integrate not one but multiple companies of Sage Pro to one instance of SageCRM.

2) GUMU™ Complete Integration:  It is a combination of GUMU™ Standard Integration + GUMU™ Order Entry Integration which gives you the ability to promote orders from within Sage CRM to Sage Pro ERP. The complete suite also allows you to integrate not one but multiple companies of Sage Pro to one instance of SageCRM.

GUMU™ Order Entry Integration –  Allows your salesperson to enter orders using the ‘quotes and orders’ screen of Sage CRM from the Opportunities. Orders are entered in the normal way by the salespersons in Sage CRM. The integration link takes this functionality one step ahead and let your salesperson promote the order into the Sage Pro ERP system by a click of a button.

ii) GUMU™ Multi-Company Integration: This lets you integrate multiple companies of Sage Pro with a single instance of Sage CRM

*** For Sage CRM Version 7.0 and earlier ***
Our Order entry and multiple company integrations are also available for Sage Standard Integration for Sage CRM v7.0 and earlier.
With this wide range of functions in the GUMU™ integration,   GUMU™ for Sage CRM and Sage Pro ERP Integration is a must have for the organizations who need real time bi-direction Integration.