GUMU for Salesforce to Sage CRM Migration

By | July 24, 2012

GUMU™ is now compatible to migrate from Salesforce to Sage CRM. However, we treat migration from Salesforce as a custom migration service mainly due to the challenging nature of retrieving the Salesforce database from Cloud to Desktop.
Migration is performed at our migration labs, where we perform one test and one live migration. It is a simple process, in which you have to provide all required details to us and we shall perform the migration on behalf of you at our end, thus making you free to concentrate on your other projects.

Fig 1.1 Salesforce Account Details in CRM Summary Screen

Fig 1.2 Salesforce Contact Details in CRM Screen

Below are the list of entities/tables from Salesforce that are migrated to Sage CRM;

You will need to export the SF data to CSV format and provide the same to us to perform the conversion. You can also opt for migrating specific entities as per your needs. Secondly if you want to bring over any custom field\entities into Sage CRM, you just need to send us the field mapping sheets.
After complete migration process, we shall provide you with the migrated Sage CRM database for your verification. Once Test migration is verified and approved by you we can proceed with the Live Migration.
For more detail related to timeframe and cost contact us on: