Sending an e-mail to customer Case is created

By | January 23, 2013

In Sage CRM, for creating the case there is standard workflow or we can create the new workflow as per our requirement also. Not only for cases, workflow can also be defined for other entities like opportunity, lead, etc. In workflow, there is one action as “Send E-mail”. This action is used to send emails through workflow.

You might already know that using this action we can send emails to user’s in user select fields like Created by, assigned to, updated by etc. This is standard. What if you want to send an email to update customer regarding case creation? When you add case_personid in the To box of email template mail is not shot to the customer as well as the email action itself fails.
A workaround to resolve this is quite simple. You have to create one more field (say Customer Email Address) in Case entity. This field needs to be updated as soon as the Case is created in Sage CRM with the customer email address. You can use Table Level script to update the email address when case is saved. The PostInsertRecord () function would be useful.
Once the value is updated successfully, you just need to specify the field name enclosed within the # symbols in the To field of email action of “Send E-Mail” (e.g. #case_customeremailaddress#).

This can be implemented for other entities too.