Increasing size of Email Editor in Sage CRM

By | August 7, 2014

Communications is one of the pillars of successful business. We all communicate with via phone or emails on daily basis. Sage CRM provides SMTP, POP email integrations and inbuilt Email editor goes very well for any set of requirements. However size of the email editor that comes by default is sometimes not sufficient.
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Have a look at out of the box email editor here.
Here is how you can change the size of this field.
1. Navigate to Customization -> Communication -> Screens tab.
2. Click on the Email Filing Box screen name.
3. Enter the below script under Custom Content field
$(document).ready(function() {
var fckFrame = document.getElementsByName(“iframebody”);
$(fckFrame[0]).attr(“width”, “800px”); (Set the width of frame in pixels)
$(fckFrame[0]).attr(“height”, “1000px”); (Set the height of frame in pixels)
4. Save the changes.
Here is how email editor looks after applying above mentioned changes.
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