Set Default Value for fields through Workflow

By | March 30, 2016

In Sage CRM we can reduce the data entry task of Users by setting the default values in some fields. Today I will share few ideas of setting default value for fields. Default values can be set at Field and Screen level.
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Refer the below screenshot of Field level default value. We can directly select the field and set the value that needs to be displayed on new entry screen.
The other way of setting default value is through below script that can be added at screen level on Create script content.
Defaultvalue = ‘Training solution for 40 users’;
The outcome of above two approaches will result in setting the default value on Details field on New Opportunity screen. Refer below screenshot.
Sometimes we face issues with setting default values for the fields which are defined in Status block screen. Status block exists on Opportunity and Case screen. The field Assigned to and Team exists on Opportunity status block. Upon trying the below field level default value option, the value on entry screen does not reflect with default value.
The reason behind this, the control of status blocks for Opportunity and Case entity is handled by their respective Workflow primary rules.
Now to set the default values for the fields which are added on status block, we can navigate to,
Administration | Advance Customization | Workflow | Opportunity Workflow
Select New Opportunity Primary Workflow rule. Refer below screenshot.
From Workflow Action grid, select oppo_assigneduserid field and for setting default value to Assigned to field, Copy and paste below code on Value column as shown below.
Above syntax sets current logged in User as default value on Assigned to field on new opportunity screen.
Similarly we can set the default value on Team field by adding below script on Create script section as shown below.

Once done, navigate to new opportunity screen and you will observe default values are set for ‘Assigned To’ and ‘Team’ fields. Refer below screen shot.

Assigned to

Similarly we can set default values on Case status blocks for the fields in Case Workflow.

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