Setting Default Date Time while progressing through Sage CRM Workflow

By | February 10, 2014

Sage CRM can be customized for reducing the data entry task by setting default values in some fields while entering data. There is an option of automating the task of feeding in same data in several records by Setting default values in Sage CRM.
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We will now move a step ahead. Let’s take a scenario where the data entry operator needs to set current date time in one of the Date Time fields which are present in Sage CRM workflow. In such a case, can we automate the task so that there is less amount of time spent on feeding the data in?
Yes, let us see how.
We need to set the current date and time in the Case Closed field whenever case regression test is marked as pass through workflow rule by quality control personnel. On workflow rules, we can set Date field values using the “Set Column Value” action.  To set current date time, one can simply add 0 in Value field as shown below.

Here 0 will act as current date time.
Now if you need to set (current date + 1) into date time field, then you will be required to use (1 day=1440 minutes) into the value field.
In the above scenario, you can easily use create script code but the lines of code will increase as you need to get the current date and time and convert it according to user date format and finally set the value in the field.
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