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Integrate Sage CRM with Microsoft Office 365 Part-1

Sage CRM Integration with Microsoft Office 365 automates data synchronization between Sage CRM and Exchange server. Integration syncs appointments, tasks, and contacts from Sage CRM to Office 365 and vice-versa. Many companies are now moving to cloud-based email solutions and they have implemented Office 365 as an email system. When Sage CRM integrated with Classic… Read More »

Everything you want to know about Outlook Integration

When it comes to client side add-ons with web application, it always becomes difficult to set them up due to security restrictions.  Outlook integration is one of such functionality provided by Sage CRM which hugely depends on client environment. Over last few days we have posted series of blogs on classic Outlook integration plugin using… Read More »

Integrating Sage CRM with office 365 using Stunnel

Cloud based applications are becoming very popular nowadays as you don’t have to incur the costs in hosting server or hiring one from third party. Office 365 is one of such popular application. You can see your mails, tasks, appointments on outlook web app wherever you go. GUMU™ Sage 100 – Sage CRM Integration: Mobile… Read More »