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Highlight Specific Rows in Grid based on condition Using JavaScript

Have we ever thought of highlighting specific rows of a particular list based on certain conditions? Well, here is the blog which will help us to achieve the same in CRM. There are multiple ways to get this done in CRM but this time will see how JAVASCRIPT can help us to achieve this. New… Read More »

Mask a Text Field into Time Format (MM:SS) using jQuery

As we all know, SAGE CRM provides different types of field’s such as Selection, Multi-select, Search Select Advanced, checkbox, Textbox, multiline text, Currency, Integer, decimal, etc. so that we can input our data as required, but in CRM there is no provision to input values in time format. Using jQuery you can easily achieve the… Read More »

Hide Unwanted Standard fields from Top Content area Using jQuery

Hello Everyone! You all are familiar with the Top Content area of an entity in SAGE CRM. It contains information with some standard fields like Company, Person, Phone, Opportunity, etc. In this blog will see how we can remove the opportunity details from top content area. New Stuff: 500 Internal server Error with CRM and ERP… Read More »

Error while writing scripts on OnChange script section

Recently I came across a problem with OnChangeScript in sage CRM version 7.1. Somehow OnChangeScript for search select advanced fields doesn’t like the script to be on multiple lines! i.e. Below written script doesn’t work: id = document.EntryForm.comp_type.value; alert (‘comp_type:’+id); and Below written script works: id = document.EntryForm.proj_companyid.value;alert (companyid :’+id); First script gives the following… Read More »