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Handling Query Timeout Errors in Sage CRM

Some errors when encountered take most of us for a spin. Especially if you are a business user accessing Sage CRM to update Company/Person record and see the record is taking huge amount of time to update the data and leading to “An unexpected event has occurred: Exception: SQL Error” on screen and frustration. There… Read More »

Sage CRM 7.2 Client Side API Adding columns to List at Runtime

Sage CRM 7.2 introduced a new powerful and simple way to use API for carrying out client side customizations. In my previous blog I had explained how we can hide and show fields using Client side API.  Below is the link for the same. New way of Client side field customizations In this blog I… Read More »

Set field length at run time in Sage CRM

There are different types of fields in Sage CRM. Well obviously we can change/set the field length as per our convenient and depending upon the data that would be user filling while entering the data. Suppose we need to change the field length then you need to do refer the below link. Alternate way… Read More »