Handling Query Timeout Errors in Sage CRM

By | September 6, 2016

Some errors when encountered take most of us for a spin. Especially if you are a business user accessing Sage CRM to update Company/Person record and see the record is taking huge amount of time to update the data and leading to “An unexpected event has occurred: Exception: SQL Error” on screen and frustration.
There could be n number of reasons of above error message. Below are few possible reasons when we see above error message on screen.
1) Attempt to insert a null value into a column that does not allow nulls.
2) String or binary data would be truncated. (Size of one the column value entered is more than size of that particular column in database)
3) Query time out errors.
Developers can easily track these errors in Sage CRM log files located on Sage CRM installed directory,
<Installation Directory>:\Program Files\Sage\CRM\<CRM Instance Name>\Logs.
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Now in this blog we are going to discuss how to tackle query time out errors in Sage CRM. SQL statements may take time to run and sometimes result in a timeout error. Normally these errors occurs when we use TLS (TableLevel script) in Sage CRM.
In one of our previous blogs we mentioned the ways to avoid query time out errors is by optimizing the SQL query and also by using WITH (NOLOCK) in select query statement or find alternative way to accomplish your requirement in order to reduce system overhead.
Timeout Error in table level script
In Sage CRM we can define the general timeout period of Query execution by navigating to,
Administration -> System -> Database -> Query Timeout field value.
database configuration
This field value is defined in seconds and represents the maximum amount of time that a query can be allowed to execute before a timeout error is displayed in CRM. By default this option is set to 60 seconds.
We can increase the value in this field to avoid query time out issues in Sage CRM.
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