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Upload Attachment to a particular Case.

Need to store information against a particular case in file format? Want to upload an attachment for the case? Looking for Library against Cases? Solution: We have a tool, which provides a button say “Upload a File” which is visible on screen once the Case has been saved. Whenever user clicks on this button a… Read More »

Filtering Location with in Communication based on Company Chosen.

Searching for functionality to optimize the Location for Communication? Need to filter location for Communication based on Company selected? Solution: We have a tool which would add the functionality by which the user could get the list of locations against a particular company based on the company selected. This application fills the selection list for… Read More »

Generate Invoices in ACCPAC ERP For CASE

Now it’s easy to generate invoices in ACCAPAC for the Cases like Opportunity, by just clicking on one button. Solution: We have a tool which adds a new button named “Create Invoices in ACCPAC” on the Case detail screen whenever Case statue is closed. When user clicks on this button, it automatically generates invoices in… Read More »

Uploading a Case related files in Sage CRM

Do you want to store large amount of information which is in the file storage? Need to attach a file in the Library of the Case entity from Case Summary Screen? If yes, Please have a look at this Solution:We are providing a tool, which provides a button say “Upload a File” after any case… Read More »