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Changing field length of a text field

Yes, we can easily change the field length of an existing text field. We will have to just make changes in the component file. Here, for example, we have changed the field length of the text type field (i.e. “Test”) from 20 to 30. FamilyType=’Tags’; Family=’ColNames’; Code=’comp_test’; Captions[‘US’]=’Test’; AddCaption(); AddColumn(‘Company’,’comp_test’,’10’,’(30)‘,’true’,’false’); var EditsId11144 = AddCustom_Edits(‘Company’,’comp_test’,’10’,’0′,”,’20’,”,”,”,”,”); AddCustom_Data(‘Custom_Edits’,’ColP’,’ColP_ColPropsId’,’ColP_ColPropsId,ColP_TiedFields,ColP_Restricted,ColP_DataType,ColP_DataSize’,EditsId11144+’,”,”,””,”4″,”30″‘,’1’)… Read More »