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Adding Image Under Status Column on Grid

As you all know the impact of images present on web applications over users (i.e. more the images more the “likes”). Lets see today how we can make this more information/fun for to user by adding images under status column on any grid available in Sage CRM. Let’s take an example of a Status field… Read More »

How to restrict Users from accessing Default IIS page and Virtual Directory

You know when you enter default URL of IIS directory as below default IIS page opens up. http://<Server Name>/ As unnecessarily we are giving access to server virtual directory, this becomes a security concern.How can I restrict a user from accessing the directory and this default page? Below are the steps. In Run, type “inetmgr”. This… Read More »

Changing field length of a text field

Yes, we can easily change the field length of an existing text field. We will have to just make changes in the component file. Here, for example, we have changed the field length of the text type field (i.e. “Test”) from 20 to 30. FamilyType=’Tags’; Family=’ColNames’; Code=’comp_test’; Captions[‘US’]=’Test’; AddCaption(); AddColumn(‘Company’,’comp_test’,’10’,’(30)‘,’true’,’false’); var EditsId11144 = AddCustom_Edits(‘Company’,’comp_test’,’10’,’0′,”,’20’,”,”,”,”,”); AddCustom_Data(‘Custom_Edits’,’ColP’,’ColP_ColPropsId’,’ColP_ColPropsId,ColP_TiedFields,ColP_Restricted,ColP_DataType,ColP_DataSize’,EditsId11144+’,”,”,””,”4″,”30″‘,’1’)… Read More »