Auto Increment Customer Number in Sage 100 ERP

By | May 23, 2013

In Sage 100 ERP, there are two methods to assign a customer Number while creating a new Customer in ERP:

  • Assign Customer Number manually
  • Set New Customer Number on Auto Increment mode.

Sage 100 users must be aware that they can enter new Customer Number manually in Sage 100 up to 10 characters (including Division number) as per the standard setting of Sage 100 ERP 2013. However, in normal business scenarios, when there are multiple Sage 100 Customers need to create frequently; it becomes tedious task for Sage 100 user to assign customer numbers manually.

Therefore, in such case to save time and complexities while generating customer number, sage 100 has option to generate Customer Number by just one click.So let’s see the procedure to achieve the same;
  • Navigate to Sage 100 >>Account Receivable >>Setup >> Account Receivable options.
  • Switch to Entry tab and check status of ‘Auto Increment Customer Number’. Initially, in Sage 100 new company, this checkbox is in unchecked status.
  • Here, we need to change status of checkbox to ‘checked’ in order to enable the Field ‘Next Automatic Customer Number’.
  • Put value for ‘Next Automatic Customer Number’. User can enter up to 7 digits or can put the code as alphanumeric value.

Note: Make sure that last charterer of entered value is numeric, so it can be incremented by 1.

  • We have set the next customer number as ‘0000001’. So now, let us see how it works by creating new Customer by this numbering setting.
  • Navigate to Customer maintenance screen and click on newly available ‘Next Customer Number’ button the “Customer Number field”.
  • Select Division and click on OK Button. The next set number will get appeared in Customer number Field.
  • We would be able to view the number which we had set in AR option screen has been appeared in Customer Number field.
  • However, the number gets auto increased by 1, whenever Sage 100 user creates New Customer by ‘Next Customer Number’ button.

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